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    Salient Features of Green Remit Card - State Bank of India

    State Bank of India has started ‘Green Channel Counter’ on 1st July, 2010, at 57 Pilot branches across the country, as an innovative step towards paperless ‘Green Banking’ for deposit, withdrawal and remittance transactions.  Based on the Customers favourable response, this initiative has now been rolled out to more number of branches.

    The facility would give customers ease and comfort in transacting their business at branches. The customer need not fill up any pay-in slips or draw cheques for depositing or withdrawing money from their accounts, saving paper, and thereby contributing to the concept of  ’Green Banking’.

    This novel facility would be a game changing move in the industry by reducing process time, as duplication in writing/feeding account details and transaction details by the customer as well as the person behind the counter is avoided by simply capturing these details by swiping the SBI Shopping cum ATM card (State Bank Shopping Card) on a device available at the Single Window Operator’s (SWO) counter. At the Green Channel Counter, there is a Point of Sale Machine (POS), on which the customer swipes his card. He is then asked by the machine to select the type of transaction, viz. (0) Cash Deposit, (1) Cash Withdrawal and (2) Funds Transfer. Once the customer selects the type of transaction by entering the option, the message ‘Enter the Amount’ is displayed. At present the maximum amount is Rs. 40,000/-. The customer is asked to confirm the input amount followed by a message “Please Enter the PIN”. When the PIN is entered by the customer, the transaction gets transferred to the terminal of SWO who after entering the denomination of the cash to be paid/received, pays/receives cash and the transaction gets completed. The customer will be provided with a machine generated printed receipt with previous balance, amount of transaction and closing balance. Odd amount (in round rupees) transactions are possible. While withdrawing, the customer can have denomination of currency of his / her choice, subject to its availability at the Branch.

    The Green Channel Counter is also an endeavour to offer ease of transactions to senior citizens, especially a large number of pension account holders who still prefer branch banking. It is the privilege of the oldest Bank in the country to take care of its elder citizens and guide them to the use of plastic cards. The facility would be extended to a larger number of branches with added facilities in due course.

    If you want to complaint on any bank as a Customer follow this link Bank Ombudsman

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    Type and Nature of Card
    ·         SBI Green Remit Card is a simple Magstripe based card without PIN.
    ·         The product is targeted to facilitate Non-Home Cash Deposit Transactions to be routed through Green Channel Counter (GCC)/ Cash Deposit Machine (CDM)

    ·         All customers (remitters), particularly non-account holders, who want to remit money to a SBI bank account at regular intervals
    ·         Customer may visit any GCC branch or CDM branch and submit simple Application Form along with one ID proof document
    ·         Card would be mapped to the particular beneficiary account (Has to be an SBI account).

    Nature of use
    ·         Card can be used for deposit of Cash (INR) to the designated beneficiary's SBI account.
    ·         Card is accepted at all Green Channel Counter Branches and Cash Deposit Machines.

    Deposit Limit
    ·         Deposit can be made by way of cash only.
    ·         Transaction limit is Rs. 5,000/- per transaction subject to a monthly cap of Rs. 25,000/- per remitter.

    Service Charges
    Issue of Card
    Rs.20/- (w.e.f. 15 thJuly 2013)
    Transaction Charges in GCC
    As applicable to regular non-home cash deposit transactions
    Transaction Charges in CDM

    Cards Issuance
    Branch will issue pre-printed SBI Green Remit Card instantaneously to the remitter.

    Transactions through GRC
    ·         Remitter can visit any GCC branch or CDM to deposit cash to the predetermined SBI account
    ·         When card is swiped, account particulars are shown on the screen for confirmation.
    ·         Customer is prompted to enter amount and after cash is collected and verified, acknowledgement is generated.
    ·         Remitter and Beneficiary will get SMS immediately on successful completion of the transaction.
    ·         Beneficiary SBI account will be updated with the transaction amount along with Card number.

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    1. Staff are very rude and disrespectful of their customers and many of them don't caste about senior citizens

      1. Hello Manokaran Sir,

        If you want to transfer the amount from SBI account, there is two ways. i.e.,

        1. If you have SBI debit card, then you can transfer the amount from your account. Other wise open the SBI saving bank account.

        2.Without any questions, Take the SBI green remit card. one green remit card is use for one sender's account only. Please try to Open the SBI Green Remit Card

        If SBI Staff are not giving any respect to the customers, then complaint to the Bank Manager. He/ She is not responding to your Complaint. Then complaint to the Ombudsman(https://secweb.rbi.org.in/BO/precompltindex.htm) .

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    3. After depositing 25000 will this amount withdrawn by green card in cash.

    4. If I lost my green remit card then I block it online ,,give some information

    5. Thank you for sharing such great information. It has help me in finding out more detail about
      Remit Axis Bank

    6. can I get yearly statement of transactions done by green card. How.?


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